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Film enthusiast and horror movies lover, Thierry Lopez make his first shortfilm Golzarath, l'attaque des morts-vivants in 1998. With a camera super 8, he signs a pure amateur movie, telling the story of a young couple attacked by zombies, in an atmosphere that is a tribute to Lucio Fulci's movies.
He doesn't arrive to make his project of fantastic story from the middle-ages, Darvillania, pour une vie de désirs , he joins an old schoolfriend, Fred K. (director of the largepicture Houtch and Houtch ), and create Le mont Dellamorte, in Montpellier, to produce independant cinéma. The two friends co-direct 3 shorts : Game over, a parody of videogame ; Vidéo Gore, a parody of Vidéo-gag (TV show); and Amis pour la vie, a trash sitcom.
Then, Thierry Lopez comes back to super 8, and with a more personal short, Symphonia horroris, prooves his love for the 20's german expressionnism, the "origine of all the fantastic cinema", and particullary the F.W. Murnau's movie, Nosferatu, eine symphonie das grauens. Then, comes Apparition, adaptation of a short story by Guy de Maupassant, within he approachs a style more poetic-naturalistic nearly from Werner Herzog, his spiritual master .
Thanks all these shorts, made with D-system, the director has executed plastical researchs and technical experimentations. Then, he takes a full year for a more ambitious project in 16 mm : Maximiliani ultima nox, always in autoproduction and totally independance.


1998 : Golzarath, l'attaque des morts-vivants. Script, director, editing, special effects, music. Super 8. 18 minutes.
2000 : Game over (with Fred K.). Script, director, editing. Super 8. 3 minutes.
Vidéo Gore (with Fred K.). Script, director, editing, special effects. VHS. 5 minutes.
Amis pour la vie (with Fred K.). Script, director, editing, special effects. DV. 30 minutes.
Symphonia horroris. Script, director, editing, special effects. Super 8. 8 minutes.
2003 : Apparition. Script, director, editing. Super 8. 15 minutes.
2004 : Maximiliani ultima nox. Script, director, editing. 16 mm. 18 minutes.


© maximiliani ultima nox - thierry lopez - 2004